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Commercial Air Conditioning Sales and Service


Air Pros understands the importance of maintaining a comfortable environment for your commercial building, which is why whether we are installing a new unit, doing repairs, or simply performing routine service, we make a point to be as non-intrusive to tenants as possible.


Did you know that regular maintenance can improve the life your your HVAC unit?

AirPros provides pro-active, hands-on maintenance services to:

Improve equipment operations • Increase efficiency • Minimize breakdowns • Prolong equipment life


Standard Quarterly Maintenance Includes:


    Replace filters

    Check belts, replace if needed

    Check belt tension, adjust if needed

    Visually inspect contactor for arching or pitting

    Visually inspect for refrigerant leaks

    Inspect electrical connections & tighten if needed

    Clean evaporator & condenser coils (1x or 2x per year)



Some of the additional maintenance services offered include:


    Check refrigerant charge & adjust if needed

    Inspect condensation lines, clear if needed

    Clean return air grills

    Inspect electrical connections & tighten if needed

    Check volt/AMP draws on compressor & motors

    Inspect electrical disconnect for proper operation

    Inspect/clean drain pan

    Inspect/clean condensate pump & reservoir

    Cycle heating & cooling

    Check supply & return air temperatures

    Lubricate motors & non-sealed moving parts



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